Top-up your training regime

If you need a little extra support in a specific area or just want to ramp-up your progress, try our range of group classes, designed to complement your regular training sessions. From focusing on the fundamentals to high-octane cardio workouts, there’s something for all fitness levels, and non-members are always welcome to jump in.


Available to members and non-members


Whether you are new to training or just want to improve the way you move and lift, the Fundamentals and Flow class focuses on teaching you proper lifting techniques, mobility, stretching and managing your movements better so that you are more able to achieve your goals, both inside and outside the gym.

Class Level – Beginner


ENERGY focuses on combining the Ski Erg, Rower and Assault Bike to give you that extra cardio edge, if you are looking for a big sweat and high effort workout, this one is definitely for you. Please note, it’s not for the lighthearted 🙂

Class Level – Advanced


Sleds, Dumbbells, Balls, Boxes and Bikes… We’ve got you covered in all areas. Complement your small group coaching with this high intensity class and watch your body and fitness levels build to the place you’ve always wanted it to be.

Class Level – All levels


This is for the weekend warriors; the good and the bad. Focused on team work, the 360 Throw-down will combine all elements of training from cardio to lifting and set you up for the weekend like no other. We promise, you’ll have a great time 🙂

Class Level – Intermediate to Advanced


Are you tired of being injured? It is about time you made an effort to take care of yourselves and to take the necessary steps to look after your body, after all you only get one. With the myriad of poorly-supervised, high-intensity exercise classes available across London it is absolutely vital you know the difference between active muscular control and straight up pain. Combining physiotherapy and coaching, our mission is to bullet proof your minds as well as your bodies, not only teaching you how to correctly activate and use the desired muscles, but to develop a great sense of body awareness to help you finely tune your movement to prevent unwanted mishaps occurring.

The power to be able to understand what smooth, efficient functional movement should feel like is hugely empowering and has so much carry over in everyday life so if this sounds appealing to you, this is what you can expect from our Rehabilitation and Injury Prevention class at 360Athletic. The classes are structure into 4-week cycles focusing on either upper, lower or core, balance and proprioception. They are aimed at teaching new skills as well as developing new ones with progressive dynamic movement, strength and stability components, that complement your training enhancing your performance.

Class Level – for EVERYBODY!