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Don’t let your progress stop once your session’s over. Fitness is as much about what you know as what you do. Our Journal is where we share a wealth of inspiring fitness tips, articles, interviews and stories that will switch on your fitness-focused mindset.

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23rd November 2018

Q&A with Tara

Meet Tara! When Jordane and I realised we needed an extra trainer before we opened the doors of 360Athletic, Tara Ingles was the first perso...

15th November 2018


Back Squats: Love or loathe them they are a great full-body exercise to nail. Working the hips, glutes, quads, hamstrings and strengthening ...

13th November 2018

Ski Season is here!

Patient: “Doctor! Doctor! I slipped over on my way to the chairlift!” Doctor: “I C Y” Nothing beats the fresh alpine...

31st October 2018


Welcome to ‘#JACKTHERIPPED’, our 30-day post-workout finisher programme created to push you through your limits.  Ben and Tara are beco...

21st October 2018

Sprainspotting, with 360Athletic

360Athletic Co-founders Jordane and Ben combined their expertise in physiotherapy and training to bring you the 360Athletic concept. The mis...

26th September 2018

DeadLifting: The DO’s And DONT’s

The idea of starting deadlifting could easily seem daunting. At 360Athletic we want you to know that it’s not just achievable, but one of ...